About us

Relief world news (rwn) began operations as an independent and impartial electronic publication in May 2020.

We believe that the media is critical in raising awareness on a global scale and bringing human stories to broad audiences. From this perspective, we work to share information in a wide range.

Its staff includes journalists and academics with international experience in humanitarian aid and in all areas of the media..

Our site announces news of all kinds of disasters around the world, interventions in drama and environmental crises caused by conflicts, relief activities, and operations to ensure the needs of victims in the process of survival.

Aiming to raise awareness, Relief World News is relaying the issues it has witnessed with its teams around the world to international platforms.

As an extraordinary internet publication with a” free, independent and democratic ” sensibility, we are not affiliated with any interest or Capital Group.

While we share the stories of those who put their hands under the stone for this purpose, we also aim to contribute to the increase in the number of those who have this ideal.

In its publications, RWN argues that all people should have equal rights and opportunities. It makes no distinction between language, religion, gender, race, sexual orientation, and political opinion.

We aim to be trusted by all our readers without any discrimination in respect of human and fundamental values.

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