Presidential Communications Directorate Hatay Coordinator Ertuğrul Büyükce visited Yardim Konvoyu Association’s camp

Surprise visit to Yardim Konvoyu Association camp.

Yardim Konvoyu association, which has been operating in earthquake zones since the first day, continues to make its name known. Ertuğrul Büyükce, Hatay Coordinator of the Presidency Communications Directorate, visited the camp of the Yardim Konvoyu Association, which is the voice of our citizens who were harmed by the earthquake with the activities it organizes. Büyükce, who exchanged information and ideas, said, “We will always be with the Yardim Konvoyu Association. Your association really made an incredible contribution to Hatay during the earthquake.” He expressed his gratitude to Nuran Kızılkan, the president of Yardim Konvoyu association, and Levent Öztürk, the vice president of Yardim Konvoyu association.

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