The “22 thousand deaths” in the title will maybe attract some attention to a crime against humanity. But who am I kidding? Who “cares” about 22 deaths in Syria anyways(!)? Just think of the number as pieces of human bodies shattered by a missile attack.

Some freedom fighters(!) for whom documentaries were made because they praised ISIS, made a missile attack on a hospital in Afrin. 22 people were killed on the spot of the hospital garden.

A crime against humanity has been committed before the eyes of the world. Isn’t it ironic to be mentioning “humanity” in such conditions? While no one cares about the children who died in the Israeli attacks in Gaza, the USA’s beloved so-called freedom fighters attacked a hospital in Afrin and killed 22 people by dividing them into 22,000 pieces.

Today, I researched if there was anything written about what happened after yesterday’s attack and this crime against humanity. Found no views or mentions on social media. Who “cares” about 22 deaths in Syria anyways(!)?

Will the US and NATO condemn the NATO summit? Are they going to taunt their dogs who hit hospitals with howitzers they gave them? The hospital seeks to heal its patients, is protected by international conventions, is inviolable thanks to the Geneva Agreement, right? Don’t make me laugh!

But then again, what’s the point of me talking about this? Would anyone care to listen?

Never mind, such an attack never happened and those who died were not human beings anyway. They never existed, and those who killed them are heroes! 22 deaths? 22,000 deaths? There’s no numerical value to represent the slaughtered innocent kids, men, and women who were waiting at the hospital door to be cured, only to face a missile attack. Now, do you understand what 22,000 represents? I’m sure you do.

Levent Ozturk


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