4 billion dollars support to fight Covid-19

The Global Fund's COVID-19 Response Mechanism follows a country-led, inclusive, and demand-driven approach to ensure funding goes where it is most needed.

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria announces it has awarded to date a total of US$4 billion to more than 100 low- and middle-income countries to fight COVID-19, adapt HIV, TB and malaria programs, and urgently reinforce fragile systems for delivering health services. This funding is on top of the over US$4.2 billion a year the Global Fund provides to countries to fight HIV, TB and malaria.

Since March 2021, when new funding became available thanks to the support of donors led by the United States, followed by Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland, the Global Fund has awarded US$3 billion for COVID-19 through its COVID-19 Response Mechanism (C19RM), created by the Global Fund in March 2020. This builds on the US$1 billion funding the Global Fund approved for the COVID-19 response in 2020.

“The Global Fund’s ability to act swiftly and at scale to support countries’ COVID-19 responses reflects the power and the agility of the Global Fund partnership. We have been supporting countries to meet the new challenges posed by the pandemic in 2021, including surges in infections and deaths driven by the Delta variant, acute oxygen shortages and the need to support vaccine rollout through strengthening systems for health,” said Peter Sands, Executive Director of the Global Fund. “Our recent Results Report demonstrated how badly COVID-19 has impacted HIV, TB and malaria programs. Yet, without the rapid and determined actions that took place across the Global Fund partnership to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on the three diseases, it would have been much worse.”

The Global Fund’s extensive health and community networks and established health procurement and distribution system are well suited to distribute new COVID-19 tools, medical supplies and training at scale in more than 100 countries. Commodities procured with C19RM funding – including lifesaving PPE, treatments including oxygen and diagnostic tests – are being distributed and having an impact. C19RM priorities and investments have been coordinated with partners through the Access to COVID-19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator.

Source: Global Fund

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