50 years later, they met again in the Turkish Red Crescent camp

Red Crescent brought together the orphans who were "camp brothers" in the youth camps of the institution 50 years ago.

Nearly ninety people from Ankara as well as from other provinces and abroad attended the meeting held at the Kızılay Çamkoru Camp in the Çamlıdere district of Ankara. The Turkish Red Crescent brothers, who quenched their longing by chatting, shared their memories and played games as in the camps they attended when they were children.

Red Crescent Deputy Chairman İsmail Hakkı Turunç said that he could not hold back his tears while listening to the memories of those who attended the event and said: “May Allah not leave anyone without a family, mother, father, or love. This is where the government shows itself. Especially if it is a government full of love, compassion and conscience. We want people to live their lives full of happiness from birth onwards. Everyone’s life does not go at the same level, does not go with the same beauty and comfort. It is really a humanitarian aspect of the business that the government patronizes and protects people from all age groups who have this type of problem.
Stating that he spent 12 years in orphanages and came to the Turkish Red Crescent camp 50 years ago, Ayhan Yüzbenli said, “A person who wants to reach you finds you, even at the other end of the world. That’s when the value of the ed Crescent is understood.” said.

Talat Akbulut and Metin Yetik, two orphan friends, came together exactly 50 years later, at Kızılay’s Youth Camp, where they stayed together years ago. Akbulut expressed his feelings by saying, “We are over the moon, we all have grandchildren, but feel like children.” Talat Akbulut, who was orphaned at a young age and was in Turkish Red Crescent camps many times during his childhood and youth years.

He stated that 50 years ago, children from different orphanages met in the Red Crescent camp and said: “Today is a very special day for me, I am together with nearly ninety brothers. I am very touched. It is a very happy day.”

Source: Turkish Red Crescent

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