A helping hand to Pakistan from AFAD

Pakistan will receive aid consisting of 50 thousand tents, 500 thousand food and cleaning materials thanks to AFAD. In order to send aid to the region, aid train expeditions were arranged in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport, and aid through planes was also possible thanks to the Ministry of National Defense.

250 thousand of 500 thousand parcels consisting of food and cleaning materials will be prepared by 81 Provincial Governorships and Municipalities and the remaining part will be prepared with the contributions of Non-Governmental Organizations. In order to deliver humanitarian aid materials to the region with trains, aid parcels have been sent to 4 regions (Ankara, Kocaeli, Mersin, Van) determined under the coordination of the AFAD Presidency, by the Governorships,Municipality and NGOs.

So far, 13 planes, 9 trains and 25,812 family tents, 299,179 food parcels (646.8 tons of flour) and cleaning materials, 48,575 hot meals, 38,796 blankets, beds, pillows, etc., 6,058 units of kitchen sets, 13,942 units of clothing and carpets, 586,572 units of medical equipment, 2 mobile health units and camps, 50 motorboats have reached the regions.

A total of 23 people, including 12 AFAD personnel, a 3-person health team and 8 NGO officials, are working in Pakistan to coordinate the distribution of aid materials sent to the region by AFAD, and to assist in the establishment of tent cities.

Source: AFAD

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