Bangladeshi children will now be able to receive better healthcare

TIKA (Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency), provided a fully equipped outpatient unit support to Dhaka Children's Hospital in Bangladesh, helping prevent the transmission of infectious diseases.

Located in Dhaka, the Capital of Bangladesh, the 650-bed “Dhaka Children’s Hospital” is the first and still the largest children’s hospital supported by the Bangladesh government since 1972.
Approximately 1200 children receive healthcare services daily from the children’s hospital with a capacity of 650 beds.

With the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, an independent outpatient unit was needed outside the main building due to the rapid spread of the virus within the hospital.

TIKA, carried out the project at the request of the hospital management and built an additional building independent from the hospital, with 7 clinical rooms, 1 pharmacy room, 1 laboratory, 1 waiting room and washbasins, and an outpatient treatment unit.
Within the scope of the project, all kinds of medical instruments and equipment required for the examination were also provided by TIKA.

With the outpatient treatment unit built by TIKA, the hospital was given a new and modern building. Since the provision of the unit, approximately 1200 children are able to receive daily healthcare services outside the main building. Thus, the transmission of infectious diseases to other hospitalized patients has been prevented to a large extent.

Source: TIKA

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