Food aid to Afghan orphans put a smile on their face

Turkey's humanitarian aid efforts to Afghanistan continue with the contributions of non-governmental organizations. The food aid sent by the 4th “Kindness” train reaching Afghanistan put a smile on orphans' faces. 1500 boxes of food aid was delivered to the orphans in the capital Kabul with a ceremony.

These little kids lost their families, some in terrorist attacks, and some in conflicts during the NATO and US occupation, which lasted for 20 years. Turkey has extended a helping hand to orphans who have been victims of wars and conflicts in Afghanistan for years.

The food aid sent from Turkey was delivered at a ceremony held at the Kabul Tahi Masken Orphanage. A food parcel of 1500 packs will meet the food needs of the orphanage for 4 months.

In his speech at the ceremony, Kabul ambassador Cihat Erginay stated that tons of aid materials were delivered to Afghanistan via 4 train channels from Turkey.

With the aid collected by non-governmental organizations under the coordination of AFAD, with the campaign launched by the Presidency, nearly 5000 tons of aid materials have been delivered to Afghanistan by 4 aid trains since February.

These aids, including orphanages, were delivered to nearly 40,000 families in 34 provinces through TIKA, Maarif Foundation, and Turkish Red Crescent representatives.

News: Gaffar Mengli Kabul

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