Turkish NGO's continue to support the AFAD coordination for war-torn migrants living in camps in the increasingly difficult winter conditions in Northern Syria. The International Blue Crescent IBC also provided winter food and clothing to 500 families.

Syria’s civil war has driven millions from their homes. In Northern Syria, more than 3 million forced migrants are struggling to live under harsh conditions in the safe zone near the Turkish border.

Faris Kanderis, 9, is one of thousands of Syrian children living through the sufferings and tribulations of the civil war from the day he was born to this day. 4 years ago, he and his family left their village near Aleppo after attacks by regime forces and took refuge in Azez.

It is now in the Al-Mehbbe camp, where 200 families live. ’ It’s very hard to live in a tent, it’s very cold in winter, it’s very hot in summer, ” says Faris, who is now used to camp life. “there are a lot of kids like me who have a great time with them. No one here wants to hurt us, I hope that one day we can return to our village again,’ he says, adding that ‘I couldn’t get out of the cold weather, rain and mud every winter. But now I’m not, I have a coat, a sweater, and boots. Now I can walk comfortably in the rain and snow..’’

As part of a winter project coordinated by the International Blue Crescent Foundation (IBC’), hundreds of children living in camps in Faris and northern Syria will no longer be affected by the cold. 5 kg 10 kg winter food and clothing assistance to 500 families project of rice,2 pounds lentils,salt,tomato paste,tea, and cooking oil, consisting of food packs and coats ,sweaters,scarfs,boots, socks and winter clothing parcels of immigrants who are victims of war will allow you to spend more comfortable in this winter.

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