Millions of people in danger because the aid corridor is not renewed in Syria

The United Nations Security Council members must extend the cross-border resolution that allows the UN to deliver aid to at least 4 million residents and internally displaced people (IDPs) in north-west Syria before it expires on 10 July.

In a new report, ‘Unbearable living conditions’: Inadequate access to economic and social rights in displacement camps in north-west Syria, Amnesty International details how, as a consequence of the Syrian government’s denial or obstruction of displaced people’s access to economic and social rights, IDPs living in dire conditions in camps are extremely vulnerable and entirely dependent on international aid for survival.

About 1.7 million people are currently living in camps in north-west Syria, 58% of which are children, with no durable solution in sight. The vast majority of people have for years lived in tents with little or no access to water and sanitation, which increases the risk of waterborne diseases. These women, men and children have been living in absolute destitution, and are entirely dependent on humanitarian organizations for survival.

Source: Amnesty

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