More than 1.5 million Angolan waiting for food

The southern provinces of Angola are experiencing the fifth consecutive year of drought conditions. As per Integrated Food Security Phase Classification analysis, 1.58 million people are facing acute levels of food insecurity. Over 417,000 people are in IPC Phase 4.

In 2022, 400,000 children are projected to be acutely malnourished. The prevalence of global acute malnutrition in some provinces are already above emergency thresholds (15%). Out of the 56,000 severely acute malnourished children targeted by UNICEF, only 11,000 can be treated with the current available funding.

A pipeline break of therapeutic feeding treatment is expected in several provinces already in May and June. The supply chain for these products requires months to be delivered.

In Cunene province of Angola, due to the delayed rains, communities have become displaced in search for water and subsistence. The government is supporting people to return from Namibia and temporary camps have been set up. These families urgently need better hygiene and nutrition services.

Source: ECHO

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