Somalia is being healed with the support of TIKA

In cooperation with TIKA (Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency), and the World Doctors Association, 353 examinations and 74 surgeries were performed by the volunteer medical team of Turkish Doctors in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia.

Simple surgeries can be performed by hospital staff in the university hospital, which mostly serves the people of the region in branches such as orthopedics, gynecology and pediatrics. Operations other than simple cases such as tonsils in the ENT field and lipoma and hemorrhoids in the general surgery field cannot be performed due to the lack of anesthesia and surgical equipment.

Necessary anesthesia device, some equipment and consumables were brought from Turkey within the scope of the project, where theoretical and practical training was given to assistants, nurses and anesthesia technicians, as well as specialist doctors in general surgery and ENT branches.

Source: TIKA

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