Support from TIKA to Guinean farmers

75 tons of corn was harvested on 15 hectares of land in Guinea with the cooperation of TIKA (Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of the Republic of Guinea.

Simple agricultural tools, seeds, fertilizers and pesticides were supplied to the farmers in Guinea by TIKA and a total of 120 families were reached. Guinea ministry technical team carried out the training and inspection stages of the whole process.

Expressing his satisfaction with the project, Fode Sory Bangoura, a Guinean farmer said, “Us farmers sell the kilogram price from 7500 GNF, this figure rises to 20000 GNF in the capital Conakry market. As we generate income from corn sales, we use it for both our food needs and animal feed. We would like to thank TIKA for a product with high added value for farmers and for its support. We trust TIKA to provide more support.”

Source: TIKA

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