The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO), elected Syria as a member of the organization's board of directors for 3 years. The scandalous election was harshly condemned by Syrian non-governmental organizations that continue their aid work in Syria and around the world.

The Syrian regime, responsible for the civil war and humanitarian tragedy in Syria, was elected as a member of the World Health Organization board of directors for 3 years. Health Minister Dr. Hassan Al-Gabbash is chosen to represent Syria as a member of the Eastern Mediterranean countries’ board of directors of the WHO, which includes 34 member countries. This election was expressed as a scandal by the humanitarian organizations operating in Syria and the representatives of many countries.

The Syria NGO Platform, the platform of non-governmental organizations operating in the field of health in Syria, strongly condemned this election in a statement.

In the statement, it was declared that it was extremely alarming for the Syrian regime who is responsible for the bombing of health facilities, the death of health workers and the defenseless wounded civilians in hospitals to be chosen as a member of the WHO board of directors.

It was emphasized that the scandalous election of the Syrian regime will only cause impartial principles and make it impossible for the health workers and institutions in Syria, who already face difficult conditions, to provide safe services.

Since the beginning of the civil war in 2011, regime forces have targeted a total of 559 health facilities and killed 930 health workers. During the civil war, the Syrian regime used operations as an excuse and blocked aid convoys to war victims waiting for help under siege. While only 15 percent of the incoming aid convoys could deliver aid, the drugs were removed from these aid supplies by the regime forces.

Source: Syria NGO Platform


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