Thousands of people living in camps in Syria are waiting for help due to the harsh winter conditions

Thousands of families in northern Syria are continuing to struggle amid freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall. More than 300,000 people living in camps are struggling to cope with the dire weather.

Many families are living in tents which offer little support against the harsh weather conditions. Over 10,000 tents have been damaged and destroyed, leaving women, children, and older people exposed to the bitter cold.

Since the situation has worsened, Islamic Relief have been supporting vulnerable families living in camps with tents, blankets, mattresses, and heating materials. We have also provided food packages which contain staple food items such as wheat flour, rice, lentils, sugar and salt to 7,000 affected families.

Thousands of displaced people have been uprooted many times before in Syria’s decade-long crisis and the snowstorms across camps have made their lives even more difficult. There is still an urgent need for more tents, mattresses, and food.

With the snowstorms expected to continue in the coming days, your support is needed now more than ever to provide warmth, safety and food for struggling families in Syria.

Source: Islamic Relief

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